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27th September 2021 | Tips | Melbourne

How To Live Stream Your Wedding

How To Live Stream Your Wedding

If COVID has done one thing for the wedding industry, it’s that it has firmly installed the wedding live stream as a mainstay for the foreseeable future. What was once an alien concept is now so common place throughout Sydney and beyond that there is a burgeoning industry dedicated entirely to it! The ability to quickly and easily let guests from throughout the world tune into your Sydney wedding is something that we believe is here to stay!

So what is the best way to stream your wedding? Hire a live streaming specialist? Get your mate to do it? There are quite a few options to consider – from the “don’t do that one”, to the bees knees of wedding broadcasts. For a lot of couples, though, their needs will fall somewhere in the middle.

If you’re considering streaming your wedding yourself, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on equipment, streaming platforms, and shooting techniques to help you stream a high quality, enjoyable stream that won’t blow the wedding budget.

As is true with a lot of things in life, though, there isn’t one option that is best for everyone. It’s best to think about what you want from your live stream first, and then decide if a DIY option is best for you.

DIY Live Stream Equipment

Featured products in this how-to film include;


    A good quality, cost-effective phone gimbal to give your stream a smooth and polished look.


    The Wireless GO 2 or Original are both industry standard equipment for wirelessly transmitting and receiving audio. With good quality built-in microphone and, on the Wireless GO 2, the option to record simultaneously, they’re a must-have if you are considering a DIY stream.


    This is a simple adaptor cable that will allow you to connect any 3.5mm phone jack to the Wireless GO system.

Live Stream Broadcasting Platforms


Facebook is the service we see most commonly used by couples DIY live streaming. It’s easy to set-up, invite guests, and start a broadcast. We have experienced some lag from Facebook ourselves, but it still is a standout and, for most couples, the best option.


If you have a popular Youtube account with over 1k subscribers, you can live stream from a mobile device directly to Youtube! A more stable option that Facebook, it does however, however, lack the community involvement feel that you get on Facebook.


One of the highest quality and highest stability platforms. The only thing that let’s Vimeo down is the price tag, which closes in on $1000AUD for the professional package required to stream. If you have access to this package through you business or employer, however, it’s a wonderful option.


What Zoom lacks in video quality, it makes up in other areas. The ability for the couple to interact with their guests, for one, is huge. It’s also the only option from those listed above that will allow your guests in China to view the stream due to regional restrictions in place at the time of this blogs publishing.

Sydney Wedding Live Stream Specialists

If you’re looking for streaming professionals who do multi-camera, multi-angle broadcasts, check out our wonderful friends at;




At The Pepper June Wedding Co., we also provide a basic streaming service for our clients at very reasonable rates, so you have LOTS of options when it comes to the world of Wedding Live Streams.


Whatever option you decide to go with for your wedding, keep in mind that a little research goes a long way. Simply setting up an iPhone on a tripod and hoping for the best will generally yield mixed results. Check out the options, discuss what your goals are for your live stream, and chat with people who can advise you best. In this day and age, a lot of people have already experienced viewing a wedding live stream, or live streaming themselves – See what worked for them, what didn’t, and proceed accordingly. If you’re going to live stream yourself, keep things as simple as possible. The fewer moving parts, the less there is to go wrong!

As always, get in touch if you have any questions about live streaming weddings in Sydney, and we’d be more than happy to help!



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